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WordPress plugins are the easiest way to implement some good features with few clicks. Stories are one of the most important features when it comes to any social media platform. 

What Is Social Media Stories?

  All the social media platforms like Facebook Instagram Twitter have their own version of stories.  where you can add your story for 24 hours and then it will automatically get deleted.

Earlier Facebook and Instagram had stories option.  Now Twitter also came up with their stories option which is called Fleets.

As you can tell from all the stories that this age is for stories.  So how can Google not try something new with the ongoing stories trend.

Google SERP Stories

So recently Google came with a WordPress plugin for creating SERP stories. SERP stories mean Google is planning to show stories on the search page or search engine result page.

Google is planning to show a small size of data from your website in the search engine results page. 

Google created a plugin for  WordPress,  that will help WordPress developers to create small snackable content of their website.

It happens very less time that Google creates some plugin for WordPress users.  But this time Google created a plugin for WordPress as they are planning to show, piece of your content on a SERP.

Technical guidelines for Web Stories on Google

Technical guidelines that can help your Web Story succeed on Google.

  • Completeness: Make sure that your Web Story is complete, tells the full story, and isn’t overly commercial. Here are some examples of what to avoid:
    •  Web Stories that require users to click links to other websites or apps to get essential information.
    •  Web Stories that have more than one outlink or attachment per page. The outlinks and attachments must include the appropriate disclosures.
  • Affiliate programs: If you use affiliate links in your Web Stories, we recommend that you only use one affiliate link per story and that you follow the Quality guidelines for affiliate programs.
  • Story length: We recommend that the length of your Web Story be between 5-30 pages, with a suggested target of 10-20 pages.
  • Title length: Use shorter titles. We recommend that your title length be less than 40 characters.
  • Text: Keep the text on each page short (less than 200 characters per page). Focus each page on a single idea.
  • Video: If you use videos in your Web Stories, we recommend that videos be less than 15 seconds per page, and definitely less than 60 seconds per page. We also recommend that you provide captions for the video.

Guideline Source:- Web Stories in Google Search

The above are some of the guidelines for creating stories for Google SERP.  You can check all the guidelines for creating good story on developers.google.com.

How To Download And Use The Plugin?

As this is a beta version plugin you have to download the plugin from the website and then you have to upload it in a WordPress.

You can download the login from the below link:-

Web Stories for WordPress

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 1

Once you have downloaded the zip file we can upload the zip file into your plugin, as you cant install it from the WordPress plugin repository.  Because most of the premium plugin and plugins which are in the beta version are not available on WordPress plugin repository.

How To Upload A Plugin To WordPress?

Let’s see how can you upload a plugin that you downloaded from different websites to WordPress. 

When will download a login you will get a Zip file. 

Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard,  then click add new. Then click “Upload Plugin”.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 2

Then there will be an option to upload your Zip file which you have downloaded.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 3

Then you can just upload your zip file and you have to install and then you can activate the plugin.  And your plugin will be activated.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 4

How To Use The Google’s Story Plugin?

Once you have activated the plugin,  you can start creating your own story. While writing any new piece of content you can just click on the story option on the left sidebar and can start creating some awesome stories for your website.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 5

Then you will be redirected to the story dashboard where you can create you stories for the content.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 6

Then just click on “Create New Story”, and by adding images, videos, and text you can create your story.

New WordPress Plugin From Google For SERP Stories 7

By following All the above steps you can create your content stories that Google will show on the SERP page.

Pros And Cons Of The New Story Option  For SERP

There are some pros and cons to this new WordPress plugin.  It is a new feature so there will be very little competition in the beginning so anyone can implement this feature and can generate a good amount of organic traffic this is a positive of this new plugin for WordPress.

The only con about this feature is that as it is a new feature on Google is trying something new there is a chance if it does not work out then Google will completely get rid of the stories option.  So accordingly, create your story for some of your good content and test.

Here is the sample of Story for SERP:-


As we already know all those social media platforms who have stories option if we use them frequently they will give you slightly more push to compared to those people who are not using that story option.

In the digital world, the best way to take advantage of any social media is to use their latest feature.

Likewise, Google is coming up with a new feature, that we should use it and give a try. There is a very significant chance that you will get more organic traffic. So try the new feature and share you experience with the new WordPress plugin for a story in SERP.

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