How To Write Content

What is content writing?

Content writing is the way of selecting awesome topics, picking good keywords, planning content, writing the content and editing if necessary. Content may be a blog post, article, scripts for videos, a script for podcasts. As we all know in Digital marketing we say “Content Is The King”.

If you are not good at content writing, then it is for sure difficult to do proper content marketing. When you have any good product or service you have to write good content about your product and service. So, that you can do content marketing properly which will help you in your digital marketing.

Steps For Writing An Awesome Content:-

Make The Best Outline:-

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Content Outline

When you have a good outline for your content it helps you to structure all your data in a particular way. So, all the content you write looks good. One of the most important things of having a good outline is you can write all the things which you have thought of with missing anything or adding just randomly. 

While writing about any topic keep in mind the content should sound actionable, then only people will show their interest to read the content. You should try to write simple and easy content, which will be to read and understand.

Keyword Research:-

Keywords are the heart and soul of any content, so it’s very important to do proper research. First, pick your topic on which you want to write content. Then take your main targeted keyword and search in Google, you will find many related keywords at the bottom of the SERP. You have to pick all those keywords and add them to your content. 

You may know if you’re a beginner then you should try for long-tail keywords. Because long-tail keywords are relatively easy to rank. Once you start to rank for a few long-tail keywords, then you will automatically rank for your targeted keyword. 

According to the latest Google updates they are working on Natural Language Processing. So, when you type anything to search bar it will understand what you are looking for. If you are searching for “SEO”, that means you are looking for what is SEO and maybe you want to learn SEO. But when you search for “SEO Agency”, then it means you are looking for an SEO Agency to hire.

As voice search is getting more and more attention, everyone is starting to optimize their website for voice search. If you also want to optimize for voice search then you have to add questions related to your targeted keyword. 

Now the main question is from where will you get all the questions? The first thing first goes to Google and searches your main keyword and you will find a few questions related to your targeted keyword. You can also use tools for researching keywords, and you will get many more keywords that people used to search. You can go to websites like Answerthepublic, and you will get all types of questions people to ask in search engines.

Key Skills For Content Writer:-

Write your content in I and You voice, it should sound like you are making conversation with your reader. Your content should be unique, never try to copy anyone’s content. Google never ranks copied content. After writing your content you should check for plagiarism. Try to be unique in giving an attractive title to your post. Use a good outline that will attract the reader’s attention.

It’s better if the content writer has a basic knowledge about SEO and all the HTML, CSS, WordPress. If you know SEO properly then there is a chance you have good command on proper keywords. It will help you to pick good keywords with good search volume and medium SEO difficulty. SEO knowledge will definitely help you in writing good content that will rank easily in all search engines. Otherwise, if you are writing content one after another and none of them is ranking in Google, so that is like useless work. 

If you are a beginner and you don’t know all the tricks to write good content, but if you have knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress, it will definitely help in writing a lot. If you are a WordPress user you have to have knowledge about all the plugins you need to use for content writing.

While writing you should use easy and understandable English like standard 4-5 English. You should use 2-3 lines in a paragraph, don’t use more words in a single sentence. Use proper subheadings, which will be easy to understand. While writing any post never forget to add the main targeted keyword in the title itself. 

Image Optimisation:-

While writing any post you will definitely use some images to give more value to your content. You should use the perfect image and optimize it properly. Like you should have to give proper Alt Tag, Description and all the things. You should use a High Definition image, which will look good.

Update Your Content Frequently:-

You should update your content from time to time. If you are using any stats, with the time that may expire, so you should update your old content. And also Google gives more priority to fresh content.

How To Use Your Content?

After writing an awesome piece of content, you should do proper content marketing. The first step of content marketing is that you have to be very good at Social Media. You should have proper knowledge of how to post content in all different social media. You should know how to use proper hashtags while posting, how long should be the post. What should be the perfect time for posting in all different platforms? 

Don’ts In Content Writing:-

Never ever stuff keywords in your content. The meaning is while doing keyword research if you will get n number of keywords related to your main targeted keyword. Don’t add all the keywords only for the sake of ranking them. Try to add only 1% of keywords, for example, if you are writing a post with 1000 words then add only 10 times the keyword. 

Don’t just copy content from other content, try to write unique content. The content you have written must be plag free. But if you are taking reference of another article then don’t forget to give them credit.

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