Quora is the biggest Q&A website in the present time. You can use Quora to get answers to any of the questions in your mind.

You can also go and give them your expertise and can answer questions that you can. So the question is “How Quora Is Useful For Driving Traffic?”.

Quora can help you boost your traffic drastically.

Let’s start from the beginning.

What Is Quora?

Quora is arguably the best and biggest Q&A website out there right now. It is a place where you can ask any kind of questions and you will get a reply from the community.

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Why should we use Quora?

Quora is the best place to create your own audience and your own community. There are so many benefits of using Quora. 

1.Free Referral Traffic To Your Website

You can share you expertise in Quora, you can answer any related question to your content and can share your website link. When any traffic will come from your shared link it is called referral traffic.

And one of the most important things is you will get traffic from the time when you start your link. You can get immediate traffic to your website.

2. You Can Get Targeted Traffic

Using Quora you can target your audience. 

If you want to target particular professional users then you can do that very easily. If you are writing content about digital marketing then you can target only digital marketers to drive traffic. Likewise, you can target all the users related to your niche.

3. For Building Your Brand

You can use Quora to build your brand value. You can pick your niche and start helping people by replying to them with valuable answers. One thing you have to keep in mind to make a perfect brand you have to more consistent.

4. Unlimited Content Ideas

If you are lacking with content ideas, then you can use Quora to get unlimited content ideas. 

Go to Quora and search for your main targeted keyword or you may search for you niche. And you will get lots of questions related to your niche.

From so many questions you can pick any of the questions and write content about that topic. After writing your content you can also come back and reply in the question with your link. That will help to get good traffic.

After doing all the hard work if you are not getting enough traffic, then you must be missing out something. If after doing On-Page optimization and Off-Page Optimisation you are still struggling for good traffic then this article is just for you.

Now you can try social media and social bookmarking. As you may know, the organic reach of Facebook is dead, it may happen with Instagram also in the near future. LinkedIn is better compared to these two platforms because there is still good organic reach on LinkedIn. 

Here another platform working awesome which is known as Quora. You might have used Quora for clearing some of your doubts regarding any topic. Because in Quora you can find any type of questions and their answers. Quora is really helpful in many ways. 

But the main question is How Quora is useful for driving traffic?

You can go to Quora and create your new account if you have not one if you have an account then it’s awesome. Then initially try to reply to some basic questions in a particular niche. Pick a niche, which you are passionate about. Create a presence in Quora by replying as many questions as you can.

Then find questions related to your website. For example, if your website is of Digital Marketing niche, go and search questions related to Digital Marketing. Then try to reply to as many questions as you can. First, try to provide as much content you can. Provide good insightful content to your readers.

How to pick a question which one to reply to?

While replying in Quora try to find questions that have more followers but fewer answers. If the followers are more that means more people are looking for the answer to the same question. And as there are fewer answers your chance of getting noticed is very high.

While replying in Quora keep in mind that your answer should be short and precise so that your reader will get what they want in less time. 

Then try to answer only those questions about which you have written any piece of content on your website. First, find similar questions to your article then reply in short there and then give your website link as read more. So that when anyone will come to your answer in Quora and if they like your article then they must click on the link to see more. 

If you are writing an answer where you have to mention a listicle like Top 5 or Top 7, do one thing in the Quora answer only list 3-4 then to create curiosity you can create a hyperlink saying for full list Click Here. This will work awesome. 

It is not only that you can only drive good traffic to your website by answering a question and giving your website link in Quora you can also earn money by asking a question in Quora. Quora is not paying for answers but it is paying you for asking awesome questions. If you are someone who is good at asking questions then you can earn a good amount of money.

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Quora Partner

In doing this there is only one problem that you by yourself only cant apply for Quora Partner, if Quora will think that you are eligible for their Partner program then they only invite you. I have seen examples where people with 65-70 questions get invitations for the Quora Partner Program. 

You can drive a good amount of traffic for your website if you are good at content writing. While giving any answer don’t just copy from a website and paste, try to write unique content that will help you in the long run.

Quora Ads

By using Quora paid services also you can generate traffic to your website. But it is the best platform to get traffic for free.


Quora is one of the best Q&A websites where you can target your audience and can drive traffic for free to your website. I hope you will start answering in Quora and generate good traffic. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas. Thank you for reading. 

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