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Pinterest For Traffic In 2022

How Does Pinterest Help In Traffic In 2022? Let’s find out. As you may know, most people use Pinterest for searching fitness diet, workouts, great recipes, cute decorating ideas. Pinterest is both a social platform as well as a search engine. You can find any type of infographics there. Let’s discuss how does Pinterest help in Traffic In 2022

Pinterest is not just only a social media platform but also you can call this a search engine also. Because in Pinterest you can see your feed like all the other social media sides. And also on other social media sides if you search any keyword there is a strong chance that you will not get more relevant answers but in Pinterest, you can find exactly the answer you wanted or related pins which will lead to you to some of the best websites.

If you want to make lots of traffic from Pinterest and skyrocket your SEO game, then you should consider creating a Pinterest business account. Once you created your Pinterest business account you should verify your website and enable rich pins. 

Pinterest SEO:-

If you want to increase more traffic from your Pinterest, then you have to do Pinterest SEO. You can follow a few steps like,

  • Create a Pinterest Business account
  • Verify Your Website
  • Pinterest Keyword Research
  • Improve Your Pinterest Profile
  • Create Good Pinterest Boards
  • Pin SEO

Create a Pinterest Business account And Verify Your Website:- 

To get good traffic from Pinterest you have to 1st create your Pinterest business profile. Then you have to verify your website there. When you will add your website for verification it will give you two ways to verify your website. Pick a suitable one to verify your website.

Pinterest Keyword Research:-

Pinterest Keyword research
Pinterest Keyword research

You can research keywords on Pinterest for your content. When you will search any keyword in Pinterest it will show you all the related keywords. Where the leftmost is the most popular one. It is not like Google that you will get LSI keywords instead of it will show some specific keywords. You can use those keywords to write your blog. The best part is to rank in Pinterest and to get more traffic your website DA is not compulsory. You can easily show up in the Pinterest search with a new website also.

According to some survey, Pinterest gives an initial boost to all the new account to encourage them to save more contents or pins. In the future maybe the algorithm change but for now you can compete with old accounts and get more traction.

In Google, you have to first target long-tail or LSI keywords to rank better and also your website has to have good DA to beat other competitors. But in Pinterest that is not the case if you are a new website then also you can compete with big websites.

Improve Your Pinterest Profile:-

When you search for anything in Pinterest and add the filter by People, it will find the searched keyword in Profile title and description. So if you want to rank for any particular keyword then add that keyword in profile title. You can also target several keywords by adding all of them in profile title and description. 

Create Good Pinterest Boards:-

It’s better if you use your main keyword in board title. In the board description, you can add the main targeted keyword along with all kinds of related keywords. Never forget to pick a relevant board category. 

Pin SEO:-

Like boards, you have to do SEO for Pins. While you pin any post from your website it will take the SEO title as Pin title and SEO description as Pin Description. So, while writing the post add proper title and description with the main keyword in it. You have to write a proper Pin description for your pin. Never ever add any hashtags in title or description but you can add hashtags in the pin description while saving the image to Pinterest. 

Pinterest usually allows up to 20 hashtags but 4-6 hashtags are safe to use. If you will more hashtags then Pinterest may think this as spam. Pinterest also gives you popular hashtag suggestions. 

One of the most important tricks is you have to pin into the most relevant board first. What that means is the keyword you are targeting must be on the board. That will give a boost to your pin to rank. Pinterest will not only find out about your Pin from the title and description but also it will check to which board it first pinned.

In 2022 you already know it’s getting more difficult to get good traffic while competing with all the big websites. If you think about Facebook, as we already knew that Facebook’s organic reach is zero. If you want good traffic then you have to go for Facebook Ads. It is the same for most of the social media. But in Pinterest, you can do proper SEO and you will get good traffic from Pinterest.

And also as you may know Google SERP is 30% full of images. SO if you are creating Good images for Pinterest then there is a chance that all the images of your will rank in Google SERP. SO you will get more and more traffic. If anyone will take your image and use it on their website, you can also ask them for backlinks. 

People nowadays love infographics a lot more. Infographic is information plus images. If you can create good infographics for your website there is a better chance of sharing those infographics on Pinterest and getting a good amount of traffic.

The last thing about Pin is you have to pin consistently. Consistency is one of the main parameters when it comes to Pinterest. You should pin 25-30 pin in ad day. It is not like that all the pins should be from your website only but you can pin from another big reliable source. So that it will not look spammy.


Using Pinterest will definitely increase your website traffic for free. It better to give a try to it before it gets more crowded or before its algorithm changes. Thank you for reading please let me know about your thoughts about Pinterest.

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