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SEO VS Paid Campaign is one of the biggest confusion for digital marketers. Have you tried SEO and still not getting the amount of exposure or the number of page views or the number of sales you want. Or maybe you have already tried most of the Paid Campaigns and still struggling to get good traffic then keep on reading. We will see step by step which is more helpful and why SEO VS Paid Campaign. 

The basic answer for which is better SEO or PPC, it depends on the requirement of your target. What do you want to achieve? You are planning for long term goals or currently, in the time you just want the boost. 

If your target is for the long term, you are planning a long term goal. Then definitely SEO is way better than PPC. In SEO the main benefit is that you will get more organic views. If you are getting a more organic view then it is better for your website. Because Google gives more priority to organic traffic. 

On the other hand, PPC is better for startups or any new website or blog which just got started. They face a hard time to get a good amount of traffic only from SEO. If in this case, they will use PPC they might get an instant boost for their website. In all the situation only one thing matters like what is your ultimate goal, you just want an instant boost or a long term benefit.

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For Some people, SEO may be more helpful and some PPC may be more helpful. But in my point of view, the combination of SEO VS Paid Campaign is the best option to go for.

The funny part is the most deserving websites will rank on1st page and also the websites which are less deserving will appear above the organic results on the 1st page of SERP. Organic page views are completely free whereas in PPC you have to pay a certain amount of money for each click in PPC.

There are some pros and cons in both SEO VS Paid Campaign, we will discuss those here in details.


SEO gives you organic traffic which is free, but there are a cost and time investment in SEO. Once you start ranking for your one article then with the help of proper SEO like On-Page SEO you can internal link those articles which are ranking to those which are not ranking. When you give a backlink from the page which is ranking on top to a webpage that is not at all ranking, there is a chance that post will also start ranking.

Creating a brand SEO is way better than PPC. When you will start ranking in the top of SERP, your potential customers will come to know about you and your website. They will come to know about the product and services which you have. SO it will increase your sales.

When you rank with only the help of SEO people will start trusting you more and more. Because you may know Google is becoming more and more strict with its algorithms. Google nowadays will not rank a below average or average website at the top of its SERP. As we all know Google checks more than 200+ ranking factors.  So, in short, it is very difficult to fool Google with spammy backlinks, PBN or maybe with thin content.

If your website is ranking for some search terms then that means your website has all those 200+ factors. SO people will trust you easily. And maybe you had also done it many a time in your life when we search for anything in Google. Instead of going to the Ads section we skip those and directly go to organic results because we trust them more than Ads. Which will improve your CTR? There is a chance of earning more money from Adsense.

When it comes to cost and ROI, SEO is not completely free here you have to give your time and effort by investing money. The ROI is far better than PPC. If you rank for some keywords once it will be there for long, but in PPC the time you stop paying traffic will suddenly stop. 

In Google, you will daily see different types of new keywords, for which you can easily optimize through SEO. But in PPC you can’t target each and every keyword. Because you can’t show Ads for all the posts, you can only show a few of them.

There are few cons of SEO like it takes real hard work and time to rank for any keyword. SEO takes time. If any new Algorithm change will be there then you have to change your strategies according to that. And in a few cases, if you are targeting a keyword for which some of the best websites are already ranking then it is very difficult to get any traffic.

For example, if you are targeting the keyword SEO TOOL, then obviously websites like SemRush, Ahref, Neil Patel will appear on top. To beat them for the keyword is really difficult. And one of the most important things is that you have to keep on creating better content for the users.


In PPC the most important thing you can do is you can target your audience. If you pay some amount of money so you have a better chance of getting featured in the top 3-4 results, which are Ads. In PPC you can pick a suitable option for your advertisement. Like you can show your product images in SERP which will definitely increase your CTR. But in organic, you can’t show images. 

In PPC you can target your potential customers. You can target your potential customers by the keyword, time, day, date, geography, language, device, etc. You can also come in front of your potential customers real quick. In SEO it takes time, but in PPC you can create it in days.

While testing any new product or services PPC is better. You can launch the product or service and by running ads you can reach your potential customers. You can take the feedback and can improve it according to the feedback. But in SEO first, it will take more time to rank, then only you can take feedback and modify your product or service which will take much longer time.

When any new algorithms come it impacts PPC very less. But sometimes in organic traffic, it can tank with new updates and you have to work very hard on SEO to get it back on top. 

PPC is very expensive. When you plan to target more keywords and more places you have to more and more. And also Ads cost are increasing day by day. And another con is Paid campaigns can be tracked very easily. If you start Ads today, tomorrow maybe your competitor will start the same thing. They can also copy your Ads style and content as it is.


Which is a better SEO VS Paid Campaign? For me, both works fine. You have to target both to get the best result. While starting its better if you go with PPC, but for the long run, SEO is better. 

Please leave us with a comment about your views on it. Thank you for reading.

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