SEO Trends 2020

SEO Trends

As you may know, SEO Trends and Google updates are changing very frequently nowadays. Previously Google used to come up with few updates yearly but now it is coming up with many big updates regularly. Which will definitely affect your SEO strategies? If you want to take your SEO strategy to the next level then keep on reading this article.

Here we will discuss all the latest updates of Google and most of the SEO techniques to stay ahead of your competition. So the first Trends is based on Google’s latest update which is the BERT update.

BERT Update:-

According to this latest update of Google which came in 2019. SEOs should optimize their content according to user intent. By this what it means is if you are writing any post don’t just do keyword research and take all the high volume keywords and try to stuff them in your post. Instead, you have to go to all Search engine and by typing your targeted keyword you have to pick some of the best-suggested Questions. 

Pick some suggested questions and try to include them in your post and write correct and proper answers to those questions. By using those questions you can also write complete content based on the question.

Previously what used to happen is if you type any query in the Search engine, it used to take single keywords and find which piece of content in their database is matching and it used to show that result. Any article which has the most related keywords with your query used to come on top. But now Google is checking the intent. By keeping user intent in mind you have to write your content. For example, if you are typing Apple in search bar Google knows which Apple you are talking about it is fruit Apple or the mobile Apple.

So nowadays user intent matters the most. If you follow your user intent and write some awesome content there is a big chance of getting your client. If you are answering all the queries which a customer is having then he/she will definitely be your lifetime customer.

High-Quality Content:-

As we used to say “Content is king”, it will always be true as long as we are doing content marketing. From digital marketing, perspective content is the most important thing. You have to learn how to write awesome content that is user intended. Don’t just do keyword research and spray the keywords all over the content.

While writing an article don’t just use keywords but you can also use the long-tail keywords. Because according to a few surveys 70% of people use LSI keywords to find their targeted content.  And also it is easy to rank for LSI keywords than main keywords. While writing any post includes all the LSI keywords, it has a better chance of ranking your article in SERP. Once it starts to rank for LSI it’s very easy to rank for your targeted keyword. 

The most important thing is user intent, if you start using LSI keywords there is a huge chance of covering all the user intended questions. To know the user intent better its good to see all the suggested questions in all search engines. You have to understand your audience and how they usually search for their queries. 

E-A-T Update:-

In 2020 Google will be more strict with E-A-T update. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritative, and Trustworthiness. According to this update, if you are writing an article that is related to life and money. Then for ranking in these niches, you have to have expertise in these areas. You should have the authority to write about these topics. If you fulfill all the requirements by Google and if your website is trustworthy then only Google will rank it.

For example, if a person if an expert in Real Estate but he is writing an article about the Brain tumors. Then 100% chance is there that the person will give wrong information for which anyone may lose his/her life. Sometimes people used to search for the cure of any critical diseases on the internet itself. If by mistake they will come across an article written by the real estate guy, that will be very bad for the patient. 

Likewise, I am an SEO guy but if I will start writing an article about money, how to plan our retirement plan. Then that will be very bad advice from my side. As I am a  Digital Marketing guy I don’t have the required skill or expertise to write about finance. If anyone will follow my instructions and start investing. Then there is a chance that a person will lose his life savings. 

Only by creating good backlinks, adding many high volume keywords you can’t rank in these niches. Google will only rank those websites which are fulfilling E-A-T requirements. 

Technical SEO:-

Most of the new bees only focus on On-Page SEO or Off-Page SEO. But technical SEO is also as much as important as those two. As you may know in the technical SEO part you can do all the technology-related changes like codes, sitemap, website speed, website URL, and many more things matters. In URL while selecting first your domain name if it is your main targeted keyword then its best. URL should be short and meaning full. Don’t write any long URL, for example, some people usually add their complete article title in URL. But if you add only your main targeted keyword then there is more chance to rank easily.

By using a sitemap you can tell Google how many URLs are there on your website and what are those. In technical SEO you can keep an eye on all the things that matter for your website speed. 

Mobile Optimisation:- 

Mobile Optimisation is the most important thing when it comes to ranking your article on top of SERP. Before few years when Google was not mobile-first, Google used to rank an article if it was looking good in desktop and it is properly optimized for desktop. But then Google came up with the update according to which your website has to be properly optimized for mobile to rank on top in SERP. Because most of the searches are happening in mobile as compared to desktop.

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