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Everybody wants to earn while they are sleeping. If you are someone who wants to build a perfect process so that you can earn some passive income. If you also want to create a stream of passive income then keep on reading.

There are many passive income sources. But the one I want to share here is affiliate marketing. Then the question arises that what is affiliate marketing. If I will tell you in short then affiliate marketing is selling someone else product or services through your website, social media or YouTube channel and earning some commission.

If you want to make money online one of the ways is you can sell a product or services of yourself but if you don’t have any product or services of your own, then you can sell products and services of any other people. You can join any affiliate program and can promote their products or services. From their profits, they will share your part of their profit as a Commission.


Affiliate marketing is a process in which you will get a part of profit by selling a product or services of other people. It is better if you promote a product for services which you have already used and Satisfied with that product or services. 

In affiliate marketing mainly three types of people are involved, the manufacture,  the affiliate, and the customer. A manufacturer or a creator can also be a marketer for their own product. But in every successful affiliate network, these three persons are very important.

The manufacturer:-

    The manufacturer or creator can be a company small company,  startup, or maybe a Fortune 500 company. Anyone who is having a product or service to sell is known as a manufacturer or creator.

The Affiliate:-

The Affiliate also is known as a publisher, can be a single person or a big company. This is the place where all the buying and selling happens. All the marketing takes place on this platform. Here an Affiliate Marketer will promote the product or services. He/She can promote any number of products they want. Here they can attract all the potential customers and can make some good sales.

In this step, you can create a website where you can write any review of a product or you can share your experience of using that product on YouTube also. And you can share your link on the Website and also in the Video. You can rank the post with awesome content, proper SEO then it will rank in SERP. Eventually, you will end up making some sales.  You can also use social media and messaging apps to share your Affiliate link and can sell the product or services.

The Customer:-

The main part of the Affiliate is obviously the Customer who will buy the product which you want to sell. Without buying and selling there is no business only. In some cases, people mention as Affiliate in their post or videos to keep it transparent but in many cases, they just don’t reveal. 

And then comes the most important thing the Affiliate Network without which no Affiliate no manufacturer can connect.

The Affiliate Network:-

The affiliate network is the most important part of affiliate marketing. It is the intermediary between the affiliate and the merchant. There are many affiliate networks like Commission Junction.  Here most of the time the merchant only handles all of their affiliate products in the network.

So the affiliates have to go through the affiliate network to select products and market that one. Out of many products in the affiliate network, the affiliate can pick the product of their choice to promote. You can use Amazon as an affiliate network.

Amazon Affiliates
Amazon Affiliates

How Can You Create A Good Affiliate Niche Website?

If you want to have your own business then you have to have a product or services of yourself, which you can sell. But there is another easy way which is called an affiliate. Here you can create a website and write about the product or services and just share that product’s or service’s link. If anyone will buy from your shared link then you will make an earning which is the part of the main profit.

You can pick a niche or micro-niche about which you are passionate about. So, that you can give your perfect effort to write an article and you will never get bored of writing. If you ask me I will advise you to promote only those products or services on which you have 100% confidence. If you don’t like any product then how can you expect that product will be loved by your client and they will buy that product. 

So the best way is to first use that product if you are satisfied then only share the product. But practically it’s impossible to check all the products by yourself. But keep in mind only share those products on which you have complete faith.

You can use email collecting tools like Hello Bar to catch the email ids of the prospective clients, who visit your website. And next time you write a review you can send them an email saying you have reviewed this product which they can also give a try.

If you want to sell any educational services then you can have a free Webinar where you can describe the services and at the end just share the link of the services which are paid service.

In that webinar, you can share the pros and cons of the service. How was your experience with the product? Try to be completely transparent with your client so that you will create a good long term bonding.

Social Media:-

You can also use social media to generate sales. You can post your review about the product in social media with the affiliate links to generate sales.

SEO And Paid Campaigns:-

As you may know, the competition is getting more and more every day. So if you want to rank better in SERP then its better to learn SEO and paid campaigns. If you will only depend on organic things then SEO is enough. But if you want to stay ahead of the competition then you have to use paid ads.


So the bottom line is you can make a fortune with affiliate programming without any product and services of your own. So, give it a try and let me know about your take on Affiliate. Don’t forget to leave us with your valuable comments. 

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