How To Drive Traffic To Your Website?

How to get better website traffic is the most important thing when you are running a website?

If you are struggling with the issue of how to drive traffic to your website then you are not the only one here. Most of the people who are having a good website and some awesome content face the same issue in their life.

When it comes to traffic you must not be thinking that only organic traffic is the best and it will give you better results. But you should be planning to drive traffic from all the sources possible.

 Most of the people think that only organic traffic is the best traffic. But the problem with organic traffic is that you can’t rely completely only on organic. If any time Google will come with a small or core update and if your website is not optimized for the update then your website may lose all the organic traffic it is getting in some time.

Now comes another important thing that you should focus only on one channel for driving traffic or you should go omnichannel for driving traffic?

So, the best way to go forward is to don’t depend on one channel instead of go for an omnichannel approach. It’s better to have many streams of sources when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

You can try SEO for organic traffic and also you can try social media, paid sources, and referral traffic.

Organic Traffic With SEO

One of the best ways to work for traffic is SEO. With SEO only you can rank your website in search engines. When you rank on top of SERP, it will drive a good number of traffic. 

Doing SEO properly for your website you can drive traffic for a long period of time. As you may already know the results come from SEO for a long time. Search engine optimization takes time. But once you do proper SEO which is On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, good content then it is sure that you will get good traffic for a long period of time.

Organic Traffic With SEO
Organic Traffic With SEO

For doing SEO you have to invest time more and your skill if you are good at SEO, or else you have to hire someone to work for SEO. But SEO will take time. Once it will start showing results it will come for a long time.

In SEO the biggest thing you have to focus on is writing good content and marketing those content.

Content Creation And Content Marketing For Traffic

For creating backlinks to your website, that will help you in ranking the organic way you need good content.

Content marketing is the best way to get traffic. Content marketing will give you good traffic to your website.

First of all, you have to create good content that may be text content, video content, audio content(podcast). For writing good content you have to plan your content properly. You have to decide on the topic, you have to do proper keyword research for your content. Using those sets of keywords you can write content or can create video or podcasts.

You should reuse the content for better results. What I mean by reuse is you can use the same text content to create video or podcasts. 

You can share the content with different content sharing platforms and can share your website link which will drive traffic to your website.

Good Keywords For Better Traffic

When it comes to writing good content and marketing them and driving traffic, the most important thing is content topic and keywords.

When you are writing content it is not like that you will write with any keywords and you will start getting results. That will not happen.

You have to pick good informational keywords as well as transactional keywords. Using informational keywords you can drive traffic to your website. Usually informational keywords will drive more traffic to your website.

While doing keyword research you can use any tool for researching keywords or else you can use Google for doing keyword research also. You can check Google auto suggest keywords or related keywords for your content.

If you don’t do proper keyword research then there is a chance that your content will not get good traffic.

Using Social Media For Traffic

Social Traffic
Use of different social media platforms for traffic

Social media is one of the best places to share your content. You can do content marketing to get good traffic to your website.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram to drive traffic to your website. You can use social sharing sites like Tumblr, Mix, Medium to share your content, and drive traffic.

On Facebook you can share your website content to drive traffic to your website. If you are working on Instagram then you can add your website URL in the bio of your profile to drive traffic.

Nowadays if you do any Google search you can see that LinkedIn and Medium posts are ranking on top of SERP. You can share your full content as a post on LinkedIn that will drive a good number of website traffic.  

Medium is a platform most people are using to share the content. You can share unique content on medium or you can also rewrite the existing content and can share on Medium. Medium ranks very high on SERP which will give you more chances of getting lots of traffic.

Tumblr is one of the most used platforms for sharing content. You can use Tumblr to drive traffic.

LinkedIn as you might know this is the best and largest professional social network in the World. But it is also one of the best content publishing platforms out there. You can share your content, it may be text content or maybe video content and can drive traffic. The best part about LinkedIn is that you will get good organic reach here.

Repurpose Your Content And Share On Different Channels

You should repurpose your content to get the most out of it. If you have text content on your website which is doing well you can make audio and video erosion of the same content and can use the content to market.

Text Content For Traffic

For example, if you have text format content that you have posted on your website. You can share the text on different platforms like LinkedIn, Tumblr, Mix, Medium, and many more. From all this platform you can drive a good number of traffic.

Infographic To Drive Traffic

The same text content you can convert that into an infographic and can share in platforms like Pinterest to drive traffic. Infographics are one of the best options to drive traffic for free as well as you can generate backlinks for your website. Infographics are one of the proven techniques to create backlinks to your website.

Podcast For Traffic

You should repurpose your content and create your own podcast. Nowadays podcasts are giving awesome results and also it is growing. It’s the best time to create your own podcast and use that for driving traffic. There are so many different platforms to share the podcast, you should share it on all the platforms. 

Create Videos To Drive Traffic

Nowadays people are consuming video and podcast content more and more. So, it’s better to create video content and share the videos on all the video-sharing platforms available there. 

You should share your video on platforms like YouTube where you can share your website URL and can drive traffic from there. Once your video will start ranking then there is a big chance that people will go to your description section and they will come to your website.

Quora For Traffic

You can use quora for driving traffic to your website as well as to create a brand of yourself also. 

As you might already know, Quora is one of the biggest question and answer websites out there. Here you can ask about anything under the moon. Here also you can answer questions that are related to your niche.

To drive traffic from quora you should answer as many questions as possible related to the topic you have written on your website. Then in some of the answers of yours, you can share your website URL, which will redirect Quora traffic to your website.

Keep in mind that you should not spam Quora with your website content URL in each and every answer. If you do so then Quora will ban you for some days from answering any further.

While answering only share that content which will help readers, eventually you will get good traffic from there if people like what you share on Quora.

And also while replying to any question just go for those questions which have fewer answers and more followers.

Paid Traffic

When it comes to paid traffic you can try different options available for marketing like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Email Marketing. 

But the biggest demerit with paid Ads is as long as you’re spending money you will get traffic but the day when you stop spending money you will also not get any result. That is the main difference between SEO or organic traffic and paid traffic.

Google Ads For Traffic

Using Google Ads is one of the best ways to drive traffic when it comes to paid mediums. You can use the display network that is GDN to drive traffic to your website. Using GDN you can remarket and also you can target your competitor’s traffic using the audience.

GDN is Google Display Network, here Google is having a large network of websites. From which you will get a good number of traffic to your website.

Social Media Ads

Using social media ads like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads you can drive traffic to your website. Using social media you can brand yourself and also you can drive traffic to your website.

Email Marketing For Traffic

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. You can use Push Notification or forms and you can collect email Ids.

And once you post any content you can send an email blast to your email list about the post. From there you can generate traffic to your website. While sending the email blast keep in mind that the subject should be attractive so that people will be forced to open your email and read.

Don’t forget to add a link to your website while sending any email to your list.

Guest Posting For Better Traffic

Guest posting is one of the best ways to create backlinks as well as generate good traffic. In this technique you can approach any website in your niche with DA more than you and a bigger website than yours. 

You can also search on Google for all the websites in your niche who accept guest posting and can approach them for posting on their website. When you guest post on others websites then usually all the readers of that website will come to know about you.

And if you share your website link in their website then for sure traffic will come from their website to yours. All the users who liked you content for sure click the link and they will come to your website. And also if that website will give you a do-follow back-link then for sure that will help you in ranking in search engines.

Update Your Outdated Content

Updating your old content is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your website content.

If there is some content which needs to be updated then you should update the content as soon as possible. If in your content you have shared some statistics which are outdated now, you should consider them updating.

Nowadays Google prefers more fresh content as compared to old content just because in the fresh content all the stats and datas usually updated which is more relevant than some old content. 

You can check Google Search Console for all those content and keywords which are getting more impressions but getting very less clicks. You can take those keywords and content and add more relevant keywords in the content so that there is a chance of getting more clicks for your content.


These are some of the best proven techniques to drive traffic to your website. You should try all the above techniques and it will for sure increase your website traffic. 

Never ever depend on a single source of traffic instead go for an omnichannel approach for driving traffic. So, that if one source stops performing well at least you have other options for driving traffic to your website.

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