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Content marketing is the best way to drive traffic to your website. And also through content marketing, you can create backlinks which will for sure help you in SEO.

If you also face the same problem as “Which is better FaceBook, Instagram, or LinkedIn for Content Marketing?”, then keep reading.

Why Do We Do Content Marketing?

If you have written awesome content and you are not marketing them those will of no use. Once you will start marketing your content then only people will come to know about your work and they will start following your content.

If you are writing good content but still struggling to get good traffic from search engines organically then this is the perfect article for you.  Are you using content marketing properly to get good traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Duckduckgo, etc? 

After doing all the hard work if you are still struggling for traffic if you have done all your SEO things like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO, but you are getting no result then keep on reading.

Most of us are good at content writing but still struggle to get good organic traffic. In that case, you can try content marketing properly,  which will help you to get good traffic to your website.

According to some of the best in the business like  Neil Patel, Brian Dean you should write less content and focus more on marketing those content. Then only you will get good traffic and good results which will eventually give you more money. 

 Like Neil Patel says now he is writing only one content per week. But he gives his most of the time in marketing the content. You can use the 80/20 principle for content creation and content marketing.

You should invest your 20% of the time in creating content and 80% of the time marketing them. 

Before going for Content marketing keep in mind that your On-page SEO and Technical SEO have to be perfect.

You should do proper internal linking with related posts of your website. When you do internal linking properly you increase the chance of keeping your readers longer on your website.

There are many platforms that you can use for marketing your content, as many social media platforms are there. If we talk about social media platforms then the first things that come to your mind are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn playing a big role but the problem is we can’t choose which is better than others. Now we will get to know which is better for content marketing.

Content MarketingContent Marketing


Facebook used to play a vital role in content marketing before some years but now it’s organic reach is almost zero.  By using only #hashtags you can’t promote your content on Facebook anymore. If you want to promote your content on Facebook you have to create some pages or some groups, where you can promote your content there. But the problem is as you may know Facebook’s organic reach is dead.  So you have to add manually people to your Facebook page or Facebook group and then you can post the content in that group or page. 

But the problem is only those people will see your content who are in the group or who liked your Facebook page. But you can’t get any new reader organically. If you want to reach out to more people then you have to try Facebook  Ads, where you have to spend some amount to get some impression or views. everything is getting more expensive so Facebook ads are getting more and more extensive day by day. so it’s a bad idea to promote your content through Facebook.


Then comes Instagram in Instagram you can also promo your content but the problem is Instagram is only for images so you have to create some infographics or you have to get some short videos which are meant for only Instagram then you can post those videos on Instagram and if you have the swipe up option then you can add your images or infographics as stories there you can give the swipe up option where you can connect your website link. If anybody will like your post then they will definitely swipe up and they will go to your website to read the full article.

 For example, if you are writing an article about a top smartphone under 20000 rupees then you can create an image with any smartphone where we can mention top Smartphones under 20000 rupees, you can add that picture in a story and you can give a swipe-up option to your website.  But to get that swipe up option first you have to have a good number of followers then only Instagram will provide you with the swipe up option.

But the best part of Instagram you can increase your followers organically. First, you have to post some good content on Instagram, use proper hashtags so that you will get a good organic reach. You can use up to 29 hashtags, but the minimum you have to use  10 hashtags for each post. You have to post three times a day and also you have to keep all those posts in your stories which will help you to get a good organic reach.

But one of the biggest problems with Instagram is it is a product of Facebook.  Everybody here is to earn money Facebook stopped its organic reach and if you want to reach out to more people you have to use Facebook Ads,  likewise in a few years Facebook will also stop the organic reach of Instagram so then you have to again pay for reach in Instagram also.


Then comes the elephant in the room which is Linkedin. Most content writers see LinkedIn as the goldmine for content marketing.  Most of the businessmen, content writers or content creators prefer LinkedIn over the other two 2 platforms. According to the experts in the content marketing field, LinkedIn organic reach will be there for long,  it is going nowhere. So if you are a content writer or content creator LinkedIn is the best option to promote your content. 

If you want to increase your reach organically in LinkedIn then you have to post 1 article at least per week and also if can post something related to your niche or field on a regular basis.  While posting on LinkedIn you can use more than 10 hashtags, which will give you awesome organic reach.  

To get most of it you should post something on daily basis like post of any big website in your niche. You can also post images on regular basis. You can add multiple images as carousel that will increase your engagement. 

To get noticed on LinkedIn you can go to some good posts from some good LinkedIn influencers and comment on their post so that people will come to know about your existence on LinkedIn. 

You can use  LinkedIn for lead generation also. You can take LinkedIn as a full-time career and you can earn a good amount of money on a regular basis from LinkedIn. If you want your content to be reached to like-minded people and to the decision-makers in your industry or in your field you have to take the help of LinkedIn.  Because more than 94% of the decision-maker in any field is on LinkedIn and it is growing day by day. Here you can reach your targeted audience very easily.


When it comes to content, it is better to spend more time on sharing your content and market them. There are some other platforms where you can share your content like medium, Mix, and many more.

Thank you for reading my article and if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment. Let me know what all the platforms you are using to market your content. And which platform you think performs better for content marketing.

Thank you…

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