White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO

What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

When it comes to White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO, both are SEO techniques only. But the main difference is White Hat SEO focus on user intent but Black Hat SEO is used only to fool different search engines. For example, in Black Hat SEO, we usually do things like keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links, copy content.

But in white hat SEO, we usually focus on proper keyword research, good and relevant backlinking, adding LSI user intended keywords. If you practice Black Hat SEO then Google and all the search engines will penalize your website and they may deindex your website. So, its better to not practice any Black Hat SEO. To stay away from Black Hat SEO you have to first know the different types of Black Hat SEO techniques and how it is different from White Hat SEO. Let’s get started.

White Hat SEO:-

In White Hat SEO, you have to do proper keyword research before writing any content, you have to write content that is reader-focused not Search Engine focused. While researching keywords you can pick short keywords, long keywords, questions related to your main targeted keyword.  According to the latest update of Google, you should write the answers to the questions people are asking related to your targeted keyword in Google. Write content in me and Your tone. Don’t just add keywords for the sake of ranking for more keywords instead of useless but proper keywords.

When you write rich content which is full of information and stats. People usually tend to link to your content. So, when you write an awesome piece of content it easy to get good backlinks. 

After writing the content create good and proper backlinks that are relevant to your topic. Don’t create any irrelevant backlinks, which may Google penalize you. If only for backlinks you create any spammy backlinks then it will definitely backfire in near or future. 

If you have written an awesome piece of content but your website navigation experience is very bad. And also if your website loads very slow, then no one will be staying on your website. To create your website properly so that your navigation or User experience should be awesome.  

And focus more on website speed also. If you have written an awesome content like the one which is ranking on top of Google but your website takes much more time to load than your competitor then 100% chance is there you can’t rank above them. As more than 50% of people are using mobile devices to surf the web, it’s better if your website is mobile optimized and should load fast.

If you focus only on White Hat SEO techniques, it may take a long time but the result you will get from this technique is long-lasting. 

Black Hat SEO:-

Black Hat Seo is using the shortcuts and loopholes of Google algorithm to rank on top of SERP. It is mainly focused on fooling search engines to rank better. Its main focus n on search bots instead of real human beings. If you do things like this then you will definitely be penalized by Google.

In Black Hat SEO, people practice many things like Keywords stuffing, link farming, using duplicate content, etc. To tackle all the bad practices Google comes up with new updates from time to time. Google also keeping an eye on all the bad practices so that they can stop these from their side.

There are many Google updates that came only to tackle all the bad practices going on like, Florida is a Google Update according to which if you are just adding too many keywords just to rank the article. And there is no need of adding so many keywords and most are irrelevant then Google will not rank that article on top of SERP. 

Panda is one of the most famous Google updates according to which if you are just copying content from other websites and using for your website without giving proper credit and with making your content canonical of the original one then Google will penalize you. 

Penguin is another Google update which came to stop bad backlinks. It is entirely focused on doing only relevant backlinks. If only for ranking better in SERP you will create spammy backlinks then Google will penalize you.

Apart from these bad practices, there are many different types of Black Hat SEO techniques that are in practice. 

Automated Comment Spam:-

As you may know, Google sees engagement in your content it may like or dislikes likewise it may be good or bad comments. To show Google that our content is getting most engagement people use automated comments. It is clear that comment backlinks don’t help you perform better in SERP more but still many people are using automated comments.


Cloaking is one of the worst Black Hat SEO techniques you can use. In this process, we are showing one thing to our visitors and one thing to search bots. Many times you might have noticed when you try to download a movie or an mp3 the result which will show up in SERP if you will click that one then it will go to different websites. Which is also known as “Sneaky Redirects”. People usually show some good content to search bots and when you will click on the links it will go to any adult website, which is definitely a bad experience.

Credit:- Google Webmasters Youtube Channel

Hidden Text:-

Hidden text on your website is also one of the bad practices. Most people just use the font color the same as the background color or they use ultra-tiny font size so that users will get no idea about the text there. People usually use this technique to take backlinks which is irrelevant or add some irrelevant content. 

Link Farming:-

In link farming many things like buying links from anyone. Buying and selling backlinks is a bad practice. If you exchange lots of backlinks with another website then that is also Black Hat SEO. Automatically creating backlinks using apps. Using PBN (Private Blog Network) for getting tons of backlinks is also bad. If Google will find a single footprint of your bad practice through PBN then it will deindex all the websites in the network.


Above are a few of the Black Hat SEO techniques, which you should never try while doing SEO for your website. And when it comes to White Hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO, every time you should choose White Hat SEO. It may take more time but it’s worth the time. You will get good results eventually.

Please feel free to give your valuable comments. Are there any Black Hat SEO techniques you are using. Thank You…

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