How to do keyword research is one of the most common questions among beginner and intermediate bloggers. For writing your content good keywords with high search volume low competition are sometimes very difficult to find out.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process of finding out good keywords that have high to medium search volume and low competition. So the keyword is something the user is typing in Google search or any search engine.  That may be a single word or multiple words. 

What is keyword research in SEO?

If you are doing SEO for your website and you are trying to write a perfect blog.  Then the use of a good keyword is most important for writing good content. While writing any content or doing keyword research you have to keep in mind that you have to give a solution to your user. 

So first thing first, what is the importance of keywords in SEO?  While writing any content or blog post if you don’t focus on good keywords with good volume then there will be no reason to write any blog because the content will not rank for any keyword.  To rank in Google you have to use keywords that readers are searching for Google. 

  If you are a beginner then don’t go for high volume keywords it will be very difficult to rank for those high volume keywords if you are competing with some big websites. As we all know the main purpose of SEO is to rank websites higher in Google search. In this ranking process, your research will be very helpful. For beginners, it is better to target long-tail keywords or any question type of keywords that usually people are searching in Google. So there is a chance for the long-tail keywords to rank easily. Once you start ranking for long-tail keywords Google will automatically start ranking all your main targeted keywords.

Why keyword research is important in SEO?

This is one of the main things to understand before doing keyword research.  Normal life in your day to day work if you have to do anything the first thing you have to do that think what is the benefit of the work,  likewise if you are talking about keyword research in SEO we should know the importance of keyword research,  why we should do keyword research, what will be the benefit of doing keyword research?


  As we already discussed, if you don’t do keyword research properly and you don’t know for which all keywords you should write the content and what are the types of keywords you should use. Most of the time you will randomly use a keyword that has no search volume.  Then you will face a tough time to rank your blog or website.  The second thing is if you are trying to write a blog post with some high volume keywords but if the SEO difficulty is also very high so there will be a chance that you will not rank on the top of the SERP

Another factor is if you are using some high volume keywords with very less CPC,  then you will get nothing in return. So it’s better to write content with high CPC keywords which will give you good returns. 

Now I think you have a clear idea of why we should do keyword research in the first place.  Now let’s talk about how to do keyword research step by step. 

How to do keyword research?

How to do keyword research for Blogs?   After discussing what is Keyword research and why we should do keyword research the main question is how to do keyword research for Blog?

Keyword Research With The Help Of Google

The basic technique is using Google search,  go to Google search, and type any keyword you want to do research on.  then go to the bottom of the page(SERP) and there you will get some of your suggestions in the “Searches related to”  section.  You can pick all those keywords,  as people also search for all those keywords which are there.  It is the easiest way to do keyword research and also it is completely free. You do not need to buy any tool or by an extension for doing keyword research. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 1
Keyword Research

Keyword Research on Google is completely free.  If you want more keywords then pick any of the keywords which are more relevant to your main targeted keyword and then you can do the same thing. Go to Google search, type the keyword then go to search related to section, and then pick related keywords.

Google Auto-Suggest

While using Google the auto-suggest option is the best way to find the best keywords that will show you so many keywords that people search. For this technique just go to Google type your main keyword and hit Tab on your keyboard. You will get lots of suggestions from Google.  Which are the keywords that people search that are relevant to your main targeted keyword. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 2
Google Auto-Suggest

The best part of these keywords is you know that people are searching for this LSI or long-tail keywords.  So you can pick them and use them in your blog post.

Keyword research tools

There are so many tools and also so many places where we can find keywords with good volume and good CPC. When it comes to keyword research tools you can use any free tool or you can go for any paid tool like Semrush.

If you are a beginner you can use free tools available in the market and can get some good keywords to work upon. 

Keyword research tools free

You can use any of the free keyword research tools and can find good keywords, for example, you can use Google Chrome extensions like Surfer,  it will show you the search volume of the keyword looking for many more related keywords. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 3

There is another one good Chrome extension for keyword research is keywords everywhere,  but the problem is Keywords everywhere is no more a free extension.  you have to take paid membership to get full access to the tool. is one of the best free keyword research tools available on the web. Here you can find all the things you required for the keyword research like search volume, CPC, PPC, and keyword difficulty.  It will also show you all other websites that are ranking for that keyword on top of the SERP. You can check all the top blog posts and check what they are doing which you can implement on your blog post for better ranking. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 4 another good SEO tool.  You can search for keywords here for free. It will give you Search Volume, Trend, CPC(USD), Competition. If you are a beginner then you can use this tool for finding some awesome keywords. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 5

Only one demerit of this tools is it will show you the all above metrics only for the top 5 keywords.

Keyword Research Tool For Long Tail Keywords

As we already know Google is more focusing on the user intent so we have to write content which will satisfy our user intent. Now what the meaning of user internet, this means we have to write content which will answer all question related to users queries. In a broad view, keywords are questions entered by the user in different search engines.

So we have to more focus on long-tail keywords. We have already discussed how to pick keywords from Google search from Auto Suggest, from there we can pick long-tail keywords and use them in our post.

Apart from Google, there are so many free tools which provide us with long-tail keywords.

As we already discussed about how LSI keywords are very helpful for ranking of any new website. You can take the help of tools like Lsigraph and can get some good long-tail keywords to work upon.

How To Do Keyword Research? 6

Its basic plan starts with $12 per month but with the free one you can get most of your keywords and their volume, CPC, competition, and it also shows you the trend of the keyword. In the free account it also shows the top performing posts for the keyword. is the best tool for long tail keywords, here you can find all the questions people ask about that particular keyword. When you start using more question in your blog post and starting reply them there is a big chance of getting featured in SERP’s “People Also Ask” section.

How To Do Keyword Research? 7

Also when you use more and more question its more easy to increase user experience. In this tool you can get all kind of questions like which, when, what, where, why types of questions.


This tools is by the one and only Neil Patel. Initially this tool was completely free but now this is paid tool. But with free version of the tool you will manage to do lots of the thing like a premium SEO tool. 

When it was completely free, it was undoubtedly the best free SEO tool out there in the market. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 8

Like a premium tool Ubersuggest give you all the datas like overview of your website, keyword ides, content ideas and many more. You can analyze the traffic, you can also do SEO analysis with help of Ubersuggest

If you do keyword research using Ubersuggest you will get many metrics like suggested keyword, related keywords, but the most important thing is Questions. Here you can find all those questions people ask related to your keyword. As we already discussed you have to include questions in your content.

Currently Ubersuggest is not completely free but it is also not expensive like most of the premium tools out there.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner tool free to use as well. When it comes to researching keywords google keyword planner is one of the most reliable sources for free data. You can add your keyword for which you want to do research and it will show you many more related keywords.


Amazon is one the good places to do research about any product. To use Amazon for researching keywords you should go to Amazon website and put your main keyword for example “Mobile” and hit space, now it will show you so many suggestion, which you can use for creating awesome content.

One more thing you can use Amazon for, if you are trying to write a blog post about a specific topic. Then head over to Amazon search the topic if you find any book related to that topic. Then you get a goldmine of keywords, go to the preview of the book and check the context of the book. You will definitely get some good keyword ides.


Keyword research with the help of Ahref is one of the best ways. It is a premium tool for doing all the Digital Marketing work like website audit, keyword research, content ideas.

In Ahref you can do keyword research for almost all the platforms like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex. You can select any of the platforms and enter the keyword, then it will show you all the metrics related to that keyword like Keyword difficulty, search volume, clicks, CPC, global volume country wise.

It will also show you some keyword ideas, you can pick keywords from the Keyword Ideas and you can use in your content. In keyword ideas section it will show you keywords having same term, related questions, related keywords with that main keyword, and also it will show you some new keywords related to your search term. 

As we have already discussed questions are most important as when you will use more and more questions in your content there is better chance of fulfilling user intent.


Semrush is the best keyword research tool currently in the market. All other tools like Ahref, Ubersuggest, Moz, and all the free tools are good. But to my experience Semrush is the best one hands down.


In this tool when you will go to Keyword Analytics overview, here you can add the only keyword you want to research about or you can add multiple keywords. Then you can select the country you want to do research on.

If you add multiple keywords in the overview the it will show you as a comparison of those keywords. It will show the search volume of the separate keywords, trend, KD which stands for keywords difficulty. KD usually measured by comparing all the top 10 results for the particular keyword. It compares number of backlinks for all those top 10 results, content quantity and quality.

It also shows you the CPC that is Cost Per Click. This is the value which you have to pay if you want to run Ads in Google. It shows you Competitive Density, which show the difficulty level when it comes to bidding. It will also show you how many results are the for the particular keyword.

How To Do Keyword Research? 9

Keyword Overview In Semrush

When you will go to the overview of any particular keywords it will give you so many metrics to compare with like the volume of the keyword in your given country, keyword difficulty, CPC, Com.. It will also show you the global search volume of the keyword, usually it will give you the top 5 country numbers. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 10

It will also give you some different keyword variations which you can pick and use in your content. Semrush will also show you questions related to that keyword, which is a better option to pick and use them. It will also give you all the related keywords with the main keyword with the search volume. 

How To Do Keyword Research? 11


Here are some of the metrics which you can use to pick better keywords for your blog. So, while doing keyword research take all the parameters to consider like volume, KD, CPC, relevancy. Let me know if I missed anything important here.

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