Traffic Using Google Search Console

Traffic Using Google Search Console:-

If you want to get more and more organic traffic, more impressions, and more revenue then keep on reading the blog. Nowadays some people are getting good organic traffic from all the search consoles by ranking one piece of content for thousands of keywords, whereas few bloggers face a hard time to rank for any keywords. 

As you might have already known Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools out there. But most people don’t know how to use this tool for increasing the traffic, they only use Google Search Console for submitting sitemaps and check if there is an indexing error that is there or not. 



Using Google Search Console, you can check many things like your website overview where you can see the overview of all the metrics. Here you can see the performance of your website, how many clicks you got, how many pages you have submitted and how many indexed. 


Using GSC you can check how many impressions you are getting and how many clicks you are getting. You can check your coverage issue like how many pages submitted through sitemap, how many indexed and how many not indexed and their issues. You can submit sitemaps and make Google crawl them. There is a new feature in GSC using which you can remove any URL temporarily. 


You can keep track of your website speed in GSC in the Speed section. Here it will show you the loading speed of your website on desktop and mobile. If you find any issue with loading like if it is taking more time to load then you can accordingly optimize your website. 


If you are using AMP for your website then you can track the AMP also here. If you are using the FAQ section on your website then you can track them as well. You should use both AMP and FAQ sections on your website for better ranking. 


Another most important thing you can track is you can check all your links which include internal links and external links. You can also check top linked pages, from which website you got all the most number of links, top linking text or anchor text. 

How To Increase Organic Traffic Using Google Search Console?

Using Performance Tab:-

But apart from all these, you can use GSC to get more organic traffic with less effort. You can see all the keywords which are ranking for your website and you can use those keywords to get more impressions and more clicks to your website.

For this you have to follow these steps, go to your GSC and go to the “Performance” section, you can check their Total clicks, Total impression, Average CTR, Average position. If the average CTR is higher than 3 then you are doing good work with your website.

If your CTR is low, then you have to find out all the keywords for which you are getting lots of impressions but fewer clicks. You can pick those keywords and research more using any of the tools out there. Find all the possible keywords and add them to the content. But the most important is the keywords for which you are getting a lot of impressions, pick them. Then go to the Pages tab in GSC and you will find the pages ranking for that particular keyword. Then go to those webpages and optimize properly by adding the keyword in title, description, alt text and content. 

Once you optimize your content properly, you need to crawl that particular webpage. Just copy the URL and paste in inspect any URL box. Then after a few minutes, your webpage will be indexed. And there is a chance now you will get clicks for that particular keyword. This is one of the best ways to get more clicks and more organic traffic for your website.

Using the Index Tab:-

Like the performance, you can also sitemap to check how many webpages you have submitted, how many are showing indexed in Google Search Console and how many are really indexed for your website. Then there is a huge gap between the number of webpages you have submitted for indexing and the number of webpages really indexing. Then you have to fix the issue. To see how many pages are indexed in Google just write “site:” before your domain name.

Using Enhancement Tab:-

In this Enhancement section, you can keep the track of website loading speed of your website in mobile and desktop. You can make changes if needed to minimize the loading time. As you may know loading speed plays a big role in ranking the content in Google. The better the loading speed the better the ranking in SERP. You can also use Mobile Usability to check if there is any issue in the mobile version of your website. If there is any issue you should fix it immediately, as Google is doing Mobile-first indexing. You can also check in the FAQ tab for how many pages you have added to the FAQ section in your content, which will definitely help you to feature your content in the People Also Ask section of SERP. 

Once you start getting featured in the “People Also Ask” section of the SERP, then you will get more organic traffic.

Using Link Tab:-

As you already know in this part you will get to know all the internal backlinks you have created and all the external backlinks you got for your website. Then check in the “Top linked pages” part you can see all the pages which are getting the most number of backlinks. Then you can give internal links from the pages which got most backlinks to new pages on your website. Because the pages with most backlinks must have high PA and new pages must have low PA. In this way, you can increase the PA of your webpages.


In my experience, these are some of the best ways to increase organic traffic by using Google Search Console. By using GSC you can increase your clicks and CTR. Please let me know your valuable feedback.

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