What is CDN And How It Helps In SEO? 1

What IS CDN(Content Delivery Network)?

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are servers distributed throughout the World, deliver content from the nearest location.  CDNs help to deliver web content like webpages, images, videos in the shortest time possible. It works by the geographical location of the user.

As we already know website loading speed plays a big role in ranking the website better in SERP. From different factors that matter the most for ranking website loading speed is one of the most important ones. If your website is loading fast then the user experience will increase which will rank your content better.

For example, if your website server is present in New York but any user is trying to access it from Adelaide. The query will come from Adelaide to the New York server and it will take the response and it will be delivered in Adelaide. This is a lengthy process, which takes more time, so the website loading speed will be worse.

To avoid all these issues if you use any CDN, then the query will go to the nearest location geographically, and it will fetch the answer and it will show you. For the above example, if the CDN server is present in Melbourne, it will be easy and quick to fetch data and show them to users. It will definitely reduce the loading speed of the website.

For SEO it is very important. If you are a big business or planning to expand throughout the globe then you have to use CDN. This will help show more data in less time, which is good for your website reputation.

How Do CDNs Work?

As I already told you CDNs are connected servers spread out in locations all over the globe. All these servers are called “POPs”, which stands for “Point Of Presence”. When a user will request a web page or application through CDN, it will fetch the data from the closest POP. This closest POP from which the user will get the desired result is called an “edge server”. When it will fetch the data from the closest POP, the loading time will be better and the user will have a good experience. 

What is CDN And How It Helps In SEO? 2

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In technical terms the more the distance between the server and the user(browser), the longer will be the latency. It will take more time to get a response from the server. 

There are many benefits of using a CDN, which are like the loading speed will be better and eventually, the content in the mobile version also loads fast. CDN stores your website in the cache, so it can be delivered from the edge server faster than from the origin server.  Now Google is mainly focusing on Mobile-first indexing, so if the mobile experience of your website is better there’s more chance of ranking on top of SERP. 

Security Reason:-

It also saves your website from external interference to your website like hacking your website. If you are not using any CDN then there is a chance any hacker can directly attack your website and can hack it. But if you are using CDN then the hacker will be saved in the CDN level and your website will be safe. 

Many CDN providers give free SSL to your domain. It will make your website https, you can serve your content over https while your website is not running on https. If you use Cloud Flare for free also then they are providing you SSL, which will save your website. As your website will load from different geographical locations it will reduce the risk of attack and will reduce the load time.

It also prevents your website from any spike of traffic. Some people with the help of bots try to increase the traffic of your website suddenly, which is bad for your website. If you are using Cloud Flare then they are providing DDoS protection which will make your website more secure. If an attack will be there then the attack will be redirected to the CDN instead of the origin server.

Handling Traffic:-

Cloud Delivery Networks also help in handling the traffic very efficiently. If you are using any Basic plan to host your website, maybe if you are using any cheap plan. Then your hosting provider may not able to handle huge traffic. But here also CDN helps in scaling quickly. If there are huge numbers of traffic to your website at the same time also, there will be no effect because your response will be coming from different servers from different geographical areas.

Helps In Faster Image Indexing:-

If you are using CDN then Google will index your images faster than normal. And also Google will crawl them more frequently. This means it will help your images rank easily, and eventually, you will get more and more traffic. 

As you may know, the part of the SERP is covered by images and 63% of image clicks turn into website traffic according to Brafton Marketing. So indirectly CDN will help you drive more and more traffic to your website.

Duplication Of Content:-

It also saves your content from being copied and used by adding a canonical tag to your content. By adding a canonical tag you can protect your website content, which is very helpful in an SEO point of view.

Why Should You Use CDN?:-

You should consider USE a CDN if you are getting huge traffic at the same time. It is also very useful when your website is having a lot of traffic and if you are getting visitors from around the globe. Most important is if you will use CDN it will increase your website loading speed, which will definitely increase in SERP ranking. Just keep in mind that implementing CDN can be a little bit difficult at times. 


So the bottom line is there are many benefits of using CDN, you have to give it a try if you are still no using this one. Let me know if I left any important point. Please feel free to leave us with your valuable comments.

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