How To Write A Better Subject Line For Emails?

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Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing platforms accessible, but only when used properly. If you’re sending emails that are generating open rates of less than 20%, you’re doing it wrong. The subject line of an email grabs the reader’s attention right away. It becomes a deciding element for the customer whether or … Read more

9 Most Effective Email Marketing Tools

Most Effective Email Marketing Tools

Finding the best email marketing services can be challenging. There are many more up-and-coming players than established names in the sector. We need to look beyond their basic characteristics to identify which ones can maximise the impact of your campaigns without losing usability or cost-effectiveness to find the service that works best for you. We’ve … Read more

Email Marketing Set-Up

Email Marketing Set-Up

Email Marketing Set-Up Before you start using email marketing to reach your target audience, there are a few things you need to know to get a leg up on the competition. What Is Email Marketing? Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to subscribers with the intention of encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. … Read more

Email Marketing Introduction | Email Marketing Fundamentals

Email Marketing Introduction

We’ve all sent out countless emails, but have we ever really given much consideration to what the email succeeds in doing? When we send an email, our goal is simple—to inform and persuade the receiver to do what we want. More often than not, people read emails out of obligation. They see a sender’s contact … Read more