What Is ORM(Online Reputation Management)?

What Is ORM (Online Reputation Management)_

What Is ORM (Online Reputation Management)_

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In this age of the internet, there is nothing you can hide from the search engine. If you are a brand that sells some service or products or maybe you are a personal brand, it is very important to manage your online reputation. ORM(Online Reputation Management) is very important for each and every brand.

What Is ORM?

What Is ORM(Online Reputation Management)?

Online Reputation Management is the process of managing your brand value online. In other words, you should manage properly what the search should show in the SERP about you.

Using proper ORM technique you should manage all the reviews and feedback about your company or brand. 

Why is ORM Important?

Before making purchases or taking services from any brand people tend to go to the internet and check reviews on the internet. While purchasing the smallest of the thing or the most expensive one people go to the search engines and check all about the features and reviews.

You may be a local business or global business; you should maintain a good online reputation. You should try to get more and more good reviews about your business or brand and also at the same time you have to focus on managing all the negative reviews and feedback about your business.

When it comes to managing online reputation and tackling bad reviews from small websites that you can manage quite easily but when it comes to big websites. If any big reputable website has written anything bad about your company then you have to really focus more to remove them. Otherwise, those reviews will start ranking in SERP that will be bad for your business.

Once you get any bad reviews about your business it is very hard to remove and it will cost you a hell of a lot of money to manage the reputation again. 

Let’s discuss some of the best techniques to manage your online reputation,

Provide Excellent Product Or Services

As we say for a long time, prevention is better than cure.

You should have to provide good products or services to avoid negative comments and reviews about your company. But if you get any negative reviews you should resolve the issue ASAP by providing free services or refunds for the same. 

It’s better to put more effort to make awesome products and provide the best services to stay away from negative reviews.

But at the end of the day whatever you may provide there will be an unhappy client. To all those unhappy clients you have to give more effort to make them happy. It might be by giving free services, discounts, or in the worst case refund. In these ways, you can keep them away from writing bad things about your company on the internet.

When you get bad reviews on platforms like Quora and RipOffReport those will do more harm than a negative review on Google Maps or Google Play Store. You can manage Google Map and Play Store reviews by giving more and positive reviews and ratings. But if you have a negative review on a big platform like Quora, Glassdoor, Reddit those reviews will rank on the SERP for your brand search. 

Then if any user will search for your brand name your bad reviews will be there on the SERP, so it will create a bad name for your business. The bad reviews will for sure affect your business. So, you should take care of all the bad reviews about your company ASAP.

And also there are so many complaint websites like RipOffReport, if you got any bad reviews there it cost your business heavily. So, it’s better to take action before it hurts you.

Ask For Reviews To Your Clients

It’s not always that your happy clients will leave some good reviews about your product, services, or business.

Ask Your Clients For Reviews
Ask For Reviews

When you will get a bad client or an unsatisfied customer you are bound to get bad reviews, but getting good reviews by itself is not that easy.

After selling your product or services to someone or after becoming your client you should ask them for reviews. But keep in mind that you don’t just ask for reviews randomly instead have a link which you should share with your customer and ask to leave a good review there.

You have to make it easy for your customers to leave good reviews by sharing the link. If you will make it difficult for giving reviews then the maximum chances are there you will not get more reviews.

You can also give some offers, discounts, or gifts to your existing customers for leaving good and positive reviews on your Google My Business profile or map and also on social media.

But some websites like Yelp will penalize you by demoting in Yelp search if they will come to know that you are giving offers in exchange for good reviews. So, it’s better to never ask for reviews in writing, always prefer verbal communication for asking for reviews to your satisfied customer.

While asking for reviews you can take reviews on GMB, Google Map, Social media, Yelp, and many more. And also there must be some industry-specific sites where you should take good positive reviews.

You should send a survey email or text message asking your customer how they felt about your service. If you will get a positive answer then only you should ask for reviews or websites of your preferences.

If you will get a negative reply to your mail or message then you should try to reach out to them to fix their problem as soon as possible before they post on any online platform.

For getting more reviews on a platform like Google My Business you should integrate the GMB link to your email marketing. You can ask for reviews from your customer using the Email signature. Use the GMB link on your email link.

Use Social Media For Getting More Engagement And Review

When you are looking for more and more positive reviews it is better to use Social Media platforms for more reviews. It is not only that Google My Business is the only place where people go for writing reviews, many times people reply to all your social media posts to share their reviews. 

Twitter is the most important platform where people write reviews. On Twitter people can reply to your tweets or else they can tweet by tagging you. 

Most of the time people use Twitter to complain about their problems, so that time you have to handle all the reviews properly.  

Fix The Issue ASAP Or Offer Replacement Or Refund

Whenever you come across any bad reviews online, try to fix the issue as soon as possible. When you get any negative review instead of arguing with the customers it’s better to fix their problem ASAP.

If someone is not satisfied with your services you should fix the issue at the earliest. If still, you are not able to fix the issue then it will be more helpful to offer a full or partial refund.

In the same way, if you are selling some products and some clients are not happy with your products then send them the replacement for the product, which can change your 1-star rating to 4 or maybe 5 ratings.

Response All The Reviews Properly

When you have any business you ought to get online reviews on different platforms like Yelp, Google Maps, on Social Media platforms. So, the best thing to do in this case is to respond to the reviews as soon as possible. 

When you proactively respond to your feedback it will improve your business trust among all the existing clients as well as in the new clients.

When you don’t respond to any online review for longer than it will create a perception among the users that you are not concerned about your clients. When you proactively respond to all the reviews it will show that you are concerned about your customers.

When you don’t respond to your negative reviews for longer or never, it shows the users that you are hiding away from the bad experience a customer got from your product or services.

And it will be even better if you will customize your response for each and every review. 

What it means is, whenever you will get a positive or negative review instead of just copying and pasting the same response again and again try to write a custom response to all the reviews. When you customize the response may be using the name of the reviewer it will improve the relationship with the customer.

While replying to any review never gets personal with the customer. And most important is to show your customer that you are taking proper action to provide them a good experience.

Follow up with the negative reviews. Make sure their issue has been fixed. If all the issues are fixed and now they are your happy customer, then you can ask them to change the review or remove the bad review.

Create A Positive Online Image

It is never recommended to not respond to your negative reviews but you can try to rank all the positive reviews and good posts on top of the SERP. In that way, new users will first see all the positive things about your company/brand.

It’s better to rank only positive things on the top 10 positions of Google search, but if you can rank all the webpages, social media platforms, positive reviews on the top 20 of the search result page then it’s even better.

Most people will never go to the 2nd page of the SERP while searching for anything. So, when you can rank all the positive reviews on the first 10 places it will create a positive image of your business online.

There are many ways you can rank all the positive reviews or all your webpages on the top 10 places,

  • Try to rank as many pages as you can rank on your website on the search pages. For your brand search, your website home page has to rank, then you should try to rank your About Us and Contact Us pages for the brand search.
  • The second most important thing that ranks on the 1st page of search is your Wikipedia page. If you have a Wiki page then it will rank for sure for your brand search.
  • Then comes all the social media platforms which rank for your brand search. For getting this you have to make sure that all the usernames of all the social media platforms are the same. It will help more if the username is the same throughout all the platforms. Be active on social media platforms for better results.
  • In all the social media platforms Twitter ranks higher on search pages. Try to post on Twitter on a daily basis. Use a Twitter card on your website for better results.
  • YouTube is one of the best ways to rank for your brand search. If you already have a YouTube channel then well and good but if you don’t have one you should create one and start posting videos regularly. 
  • There are so many platforms that rank on the 1st page for any keyword search like LinkedIn, Medium. So, it will help you more to rank all those pages of your choice on the 1st and 2nd pages of SERP.

Request Fake Review To Remove

All the negative reviews you are getting might not be all from authentic persons or your customers. Your former employee might write something bad about you and also it might be your competitor who just wants to make a bad name on the internet about your business.

You must be facing the same problem where you would have been getting so many negative reviews from individuals who are not your customer in the first place.

In that case, you should request the platform to remove any negative comments about your business.

On some of the review websites if you report a negative review as soon as it is published then there is a big chase that the review will be removed from the platform. But to that, you have to be very active about your ORM.

You can use tools like Google Alerts to get notifications about the use of your brand name. And if there is any negative review then you can respond to those as quickly as possible. That will tell all your existing and as well as the future customer that you care about the customer.


As more and more people are going to online platforms to check reviews and rating of any product or services before making any purchase its better to have a good online presence with good reviews. So, to have a good and clean image on the internet you have to have as much possible good reviews and also you have to handle all the negative reviews properly.

Nowadays online reviews can make or break you business. So, its high time to focus more on ORM. With good online reputation management you can get more client for your business.

Let me know your reviews on the topics. Did I missed anything?

Feel free to leave us with your valuable review.

What Is ORM(Online Reputation Management)?

Online Reputation Management is the process of managing your brand value online. In other words, you should manage properly what the search should show in the SERP about you.

Using proper ORM technique you should manage all the reviews and feedback about your company or brand.

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